ART SHOW: Kaitlin Stanaitis

Artist Statement

As a freshman in college, I have yet to find a style or medium of art to limit myself to.  Instead, I experiment and make a variety of different pieces.  My art is inspired by my surroundings, and the medium depends on what I feel like having my hands do.  Sometimes I have the patience to sit down with a pen or pencil and draw a face for hours, where as other times I want nothing more than to throw paint at a canvas and watch the art make itself.  

The series of square acrylic abstracts are based off of satellite photographs of natural features and occurrences (water, landforms, foliage, planets, aerial views, the nervous system, etc.)  I used a fluid blending technique with the appropriate color scheme.  Some pieces have rock salt particles, where the paint crystalizes and dries around them adding to the “natural formation” concept.  The other abstract acrylic and watercolor paintings began with a color scheme and it wasn’t until my paint brush met the canvas that I decided what to do.  

Audrey Hepburn is one of my favorite people to render when it comes to life-like portrait drawing.  A Breakfast at Tiffany’s Audrey Hepburn was my first ever commissioned piece and I feel this was the start of my need to create for others to enjoy.  The Violet Lady is a take on wild beauty and the idea of not being able to be tamed, achieved with a mix of watercolor and acrylic.

You’ll notice a lot of the pieces’ names are in different languages including Spanish, French, and Italian.  This lends to the incorporation of other cultures and the beauty they add artistically.

All frames are custom fit, hand made, hand painted.