ART SHOW: Meghan Wawak

artist statement: visual design is my favorite art form.

my favorite artistic mediums include charcoal, acrylics, grease pencil, pastels, enamels, metals, leather, suede, wood, textiles, glass, crystals, stones, found objects, magazine/newsprint clippings, canon film/digital rebel slr cameras, scanners, filters, the darkroom and adobe creative suite software programs (especially photoshop and illustrator).

when a piece is really successful i feel empowered, and that motivates me to keep challenging my personal sense of design.

i always want my work to inspire other people, and cause them to reexamine their perceptions of the world. accomplishing this takes some effort. each project is different, and must be solved according to its own uniqueness. i start by finding the core idea of the subject matter, something i am really passionate about. sometimes I know it immediately, other times it’s a journey. experimenting with different techniques keeps me interested in what the final product will actually be, which helps me commit to finishing.

during this process i often move back and forth from my work to see how different elements interact; both macro and micro. this also helps me work off nervous energy, get a different perspective, and most of all - think.

images have always been my weapon of choice. i enjoy layering and juxtaposing them in various ways. although i am recently learning the value of incorporating creative type and communication icons into my designs. when used correctly, it can be more powerful than anything else - and knowing that makes me a better artist and designer.



I'm just following-up on my last email with some biographical information, as promised. Please let me know, too, if you think anything needs adjustment in what I've sent you. I would defer to your expertise in art installation, as I'm sure you're more experienced in how this information should read...

MEGHAN WAWAK was born in Oberlin, Ohio, and raised among the picturesque landscapes and farmhouses of rural Grafton, Ohio, with her parents Richard and Martha Groh. She is a graduate of Midview High School, home of the Midview Middies.

During her time at Midview, Meghan participated in academic activities such as general art instruction, the Power of the Pen writing competition, French classes, AP Honors English/History classes and the College Tech Prep Program for Digital Media Arts through Lorain County JVS. She also received accreditation for the graphic design/illustration work that she completed during this time.

Upon high school graduation, Meghan continued her education at Lorain County Community College where she was awarded a Trustee Scholarship for her high grade points. While attending LCCC classes and working part-time as a Student Ambassador in the college's Marketing Office, Meghan also appeared as a model on the cover of the 2007 Credit Course Schedule, and on the fashion runway during the Annual Jack Nicolaus Golf Benefit of 2005.

Because of her dedication to assisting with campus tours and events for prospective students, Meghan was chosen by the Marketing Office as the College's representative for the Northeast Ohio College 360° Initiative - where she enjoyed collaborating with the Northeast Ohio Council on Higher Education and other college students at numerous campuses, to improve overall college life and the educational future of our region.

During her time in school, Meghan sought to immerse herself in the college experience by accumulating about 90 credit hours in her areas of interest. These included Drawing, Photography, Graphic Design, 2-D Design, Typography, Studio Art & Crafts, Portfolio, Creative Writing, Theater, Environmental Science, Human Biology, Statistics, Philosophy, Ethics, etc.

After graduation, Meghan landed an extended internship with Mehco Custom Printing in North Ridgeville, Ohio, working under lead Graphic Designer Kathleen Delaney. After gaining pre-press, design and printing experience, she moved back to working in the public sector at the Lorain County Commissioners Office in Elyria, Ohio. She remained true to her roots by continuing to work with the professors and governance of LCCC through the Lorain County Growth Partnership founded by the Commissioners.

During her seven years working in government, Meghan successfully designed and managed projects related to branding/identity, photography, contests, advertisements, printed collateral materials and websites for the Commissioners and affiliated agencies - including their Transportation & Community Center, the Office of Sustainability and the Common Pleas Court. She also served as editor and publisher for the County's online News Room, social media outlets and and the biannual Government Directory.

Before leaving the County, Meghan also founded her own family-based advertising agency called DESiGN iN-BLOOM Creative, Inc. - a budding new media agency based near Cleveland, Ohio that produces fresh and appealing visual solutions. Under this umbrella, she is continuing to refine her craft by directing integrated marketing projects related to art, design, development, writing, social accounts, etc. for local companies and firms. Her husband - Seth Wawak, sister - Emily Owens, and brother-in-law - Jordan Owens, also assist her in bringing contract projects to fruition.

Meghan currently resides in Fairview Park, Ohio with her polydactyl cat named Tessy. Her loyal husband of 8 years, Seth, supports her artistic endeavors and also works as a Financial Analyst for ProEd Communications, Inc. in Beachwood, Ohio. Together, they are in the process of renovating and redesigning the interior of a mid-century mod-style ranch on the edge of the MetroParks; they're almost finished transforming it into a place they can call the home of their dreams.

When they're not working on their new home, their hobbies include reading, drawing, writing, blogging, gluten-free cooking, furniture design/vintage furniture restoration, exercise, learning Chinese and, most of all - volunteering with the ministry and construction projects associated with the Cleveland Mandarin Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses.