Patrice Mueller Varzelle


Free to create art – whether for myself or commissioned by others – there is much joy in painting . . . in color. . . in portraits… abstracts . . . nature . . . in different styles of painting . . . in trying new concepts . . .

Working from life, faces appear, landscapes come alive, abstracts swirl and move, stirring emotions. 

When working with other artists in class or at art club, there is a wonderful, creative energy among us which is contagious. Painting solo by the river while listening to the water or in my home studio with Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, there is a peaceful joy.

Informal training has been through local artists Moira Donovan with drawing and with watercolorists Nancy Notariani, Jolene Arthur and Bob Moyer.

Formal training began at Cooper School of Art. Currently, Sharlene P. Green, Associate Professor at Cuyahoga Community College, continues to teach, guide, challenge and inspire me in her classes in painting and portraits. I look forward to resuming her classes this fall and deepening my knowledge, skill, appreciation and joy of painting!