Root cafe vegan and Vegetarian Food menu

'Eat Well.
Not too much.
Mostly vegetables.'
-Michael Pollan

all of our sauces & spreads
are made from scratch
with local and organic ingredients

The Root Cafe thanks our local farmers and purveyors of local food:


  • bay branch farms (lkwd): greens
  • central roots farm(cle): heirloom carrots, eggplant & collard greens
  • breadsmith bakery(lkwd):multigrain vegan bread with local grains.
  • Crystal Doten: local honey
  • mennel acres(litchfield): triple certified organic whole wheat flour
  • summit select (cle); cheese, grains & veggies
  • ritter's critters: local eggs
    raw food night every Thursday.  5-9 pm
    see our website's event calendar for each week's menu!

starters & salads 

soup of the day              
new varieties made from scratch daily

hummus v/gf                         
organic chick pea spread
served with our house made whole wheat flat bread or a gluten free rice crisps, carrots, celery & olives

side salad  v/gf              
organic mixed greens, romaine, kale
or spinach with carrots & tomatoes.
your choice of house made dressing
roasted root salad   gf    
mixed greens topped with roasted carrots, turnips & sweets, gorgonzola cheese, walnuts & root tang dressing.

sunburst salad  v/gf           
organic spinach or mixed greens with beets, oranges, apples, cranberries, walnuts & hempseeds with root tang dressing.



                                     Our sandwiches are served on whole     
                                     grain bread from Breadsmith Bakery,     
                                      over greens or on a whole wheat or           
                                                       gluten free wrap!
local cheddar bake
sharp cheddar, pesto & fresh tomato      

homemade hummus sandy   v
hummus & sliced veggies             

roasted, baked & toasted
roasted veggies, sharp cheddar & hummus      

on the road
beets, rosemary, goat cheese,
spinach & caramelized onions         

culture   v
tempeh, spinach, pesto, bell peppers,
 & chipotle aoili           

root wrap      v
avocado, kale, sweet potatoes, bell peppers, cilantro & chipotle aioli

tempeh reuben   
tempeh, fresh cabbage slaw &
swiss cheese on rye        

clevo   v
a hot, open face sandwich with hummus, rosemary & mushrooms. topped with a bed of spinach       

beans & rice

                                    organic black beans & organic long
                                 grain brown rice blended with spices,     
                                           garlic, cilantro & onions

beans & rice  v/gf                 two sizes!
 house beans & rice with a ring of dressed kale.

wet burrito    v/gf               
 house beans & rice wrapped in a
  whole wheat or gluten free tortilla, covered in a traditional house made enchilada sauce

burrooto         gf                  
    house made beans & rice with root vegetables and sharp local cheddar cheese in a whole wheat or gluten free tortilla with garlic infused creamy enchilada sauce



roasted sweet potatoes                    
roasted red skin potatoes         
cabbage salad with cashews        
beets with basil                              
kale chips                                           

stone oven pizzas

our pizza crust is made in house daily
with a blend of local whole wheat flour and organic white flour

the root   v                
cubed sweet potatoes, carrots & turnips roasted in house made orange allium oil with house red sauce

purple haze                  
fresh kale, bell pepper, provolone, parmesan & roasted garlic sauce
traditional house            
house red sauce with provolone

fun guy                 
pesto, balsamic mushroom trifecta reduction, romano & provolone cheeses

the freshy                 
fresh garlic, olive oil, tomatoes, basil, provolone & fresh mozzarella

chef nonni             
roasted artichoke hearts, goat cheese, sun dried tomatoes, rosemary & roasted garlic

hoffman's bicycle  v             
red sauce, pesto & tempeh topped with dressed spinach & chipotle aioli

enchilada sauce, roasted veggies &
cheddar with fresh onions, peppers & cilantro

Extra Toppings:


caramelized onions,  kale, root vegetables, greek olives, bell peppers, broccoli,
fresh garlic,  basil, roasted sweet potato, rosemary, roasted veggie medley, beets
fresh onions, spinach, roasted bell peppers , tempeh, sundried tomato, avocado, mushroom trifecta, extra cheese, artichoke hearts, fried egg


the quadratic   v         
kale, broccoli, mushrooms & red sauce

string theory           
roasted bell pepper, spinach, red sauce, provolone & goat cheese

square root        
beets, sweet potatoes, red sauce, gorgonzola & provolone

the balanced equation   
kale, garlic, caramelized onions, red sauce, goat cheese & provolone



everybody's egg sandwich    
1 egg scramble with onions, tomato, spinach, feta and pesto & chipotle aioli                                     

damn good egg sandwich       
1 egg scramble with artichokes, roasted red pepper, roasted garlic sauce, & goat cheese                             

adam's sandwich              
one fried egg with sundried tomato, spinach, goat cheese                                    

what came first? scramble gf
2 egg scramble with potatoes, onions, broccoli, & cheddar cheese       

vegan style burrito  gf/v     
black beans, sweet potato, onions, enchilada sauce, chipotle aioli, & broccoli

the working man's burrito gf
1 eggs, pinto beans, sweet potato, onions, enchilada sauce, cheddar cheese & chipotle aioli          

my egg sandwich               
one egg (fried or scrambled), avocado, cilantro & melted cheddar cheese                        

i am the eggman
two eggs scramble with toast & house made fruit compote   

Raw Granola           v      
served with chilled or steamed mylk

sides  gf
home fries                     
add an egg                                               
sweet potatoes w/rosemary & evo    
sweet beets and basil                          
fruits and nuts                                         
cabbage salad with cashews             


Sunday Brunch

Sundays 9 am to 1 pm
New Specials Every Week